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A Life's Indiscretions

In early 20th century Ukraine, Esther, a beautiful girl from a wealthy family, develops an infatuation with her cousin Leon Trotsky.  Prevailing upon her father to allow Trotsky's revolutionary cell to meet secretly in their house, he reluctantly agrees -- but when Cossacks invade the home and murder a family member before her eyes, her world is shattered.  And when her criticism of the Czar is reported, forcing her to flee, Esther embarks on a solo journey to the New World.  There a loveless marriage and an impoverished existence collide with her dreams and result in a series of mistakes she must confront if she's ever to make peace with her family -- and herself.

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Coming Attractions

Coming soon!  A.M. Rossoff  has a new book in the works.  Here's a sneak peek:

In the confines of the Warsaw Ghetto, twins Asa and Yakov and their family are walking home from the market when they are assaulted by a Polish police officer and his comrades. In a split second everything changes. Asa joins the underground and arranges for the twins’ daring escape. Yakov makes his way to America and Asa to Britain, becoming a spy for the fledgling state of Israel. Decades later they reunite in Warsaw and again cross paths with the same sinister policeman. He recognizes them and plots their demise but will fate intervene?

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